​​Tokens for Troops is a solidarity movement to raise awareness of the difficulties our service men and women experience during active duty and transitioning back to civilian life.  

It's to show our military and their families, we understand and appreciation the sacrifices that have been made for the freedoms we're privileged to enjoy.  In a fairly recent survey, (found on Blue Star Families website) it was discovered that 95% of military and their family members  do not feel the general public acknowledge the commitment and sacrifices they make. 

This campaign is kicking off Operation Appreciation.  We aim to change how our brave feel about how the general public views them and what they do.  We aim to encourage those who support our military's efforts, to band together, show our protectors, in great numbers, our support.

Wear the pin and place your decal on your car rear window.

We also acknowledge our law enforcement and first responders who serve for our safety.